Jennifer ‘Luv’ Bonaparte is a multi gifted artist from Queens, New York. Since her introduction into this world, music has been her best friend and guiding light on this journey of living out her purpose and conquering her goals. Her fascination with art lead her to begin writing songs and poetry at the age of 12. Growing up as an only child art became a beautiful outlet for her to grow and learn about herself and the world around her. Along with her love of writing she became very intrigued with acting and telling stories through film, music videos and stage. Jennifer’s love and passion for life has opened up many doors and granted her the blessing of helping others through her work. 

~Songwriter, two-time author, actress, producer, poet, co-founder of Words  Unleashed Events and part of the production team for Courtney’s Corner talk show and The Uncensored Podcast, videographer and editor~

(I’m so ignored misunderstood forgotten because I am unreachable……because my mind is never closed and always in search of heaven, I guess I’ll always be, a dreamer)

Insert from poem “The Dreamer”

 Jennifer Luv